About Mediquilt®


Mediquilt® is a patented ambulance.hospital solution consisting of a reusable quilt and disposable/recyclable covers.

The Mediquilt® cover is designed to be left with the patient (where it can be used as a privacy cover). The Mediquilt® is retained in the ambulance for continued use by utilising a replacement Mediquilt® cover.

Both the (BL205) Mediquilt® and the (BL210) Mediquilt® Cover are manufactured from breathable fluid resistant materials which conform to BS5852 Fire and AB/AF/AFM antibacterial standards. Additionally the Mediquilt® is enclosed in a PVC BIO_PRUF treated sleeve.

Mediquilt® is designed to fit ambulance stretchers/trolleys and carry chairs. The Mediquilt® delivers excellent warmth equivalent to a 3 tog Ambulance Blanket.